Asbestos Inspection Brisbane

Asbestos Inspection BrisbaneAsbestos Inspection Brisbane

When dealing with asbestos in a home or workplace, you can’t take any chances.  Asbestos is extremely dangerous when dealt with incorrectly so a qualified professional should always be engaged.  Attempting to inspect or remove asbestos on your own is not only unsafe, but is also illegal. Threshold Environmental Services are the experts in asbestos inspection Brisbane and our experienced team can carry out the necessary surveys and inspections to keep your premises safe and ensure you comply with current regulations.

Asbestos Removal Brisbane

Threshold Environmental Services can provide all asbestos inspection Brisbane services.  If you have concerns about an area in your home or workplace or just need to comply with obligations, we can help with air monitoring, audits, registers and management plans, clearance air monitoring, visual clearances and project management of asbestos removal.  Our team use the latest techniques during testing programs and provide fast turn-around of results and reports.  

Asbestos Survey Brisbane

Our staff are licensed asbestos assessors and are qualified to undertake any type of asbestos survey Brisbane.  We’ll ensure all work is conducted in compliance with current Australian and international standards, State and Federal Codes of Practice and regulatory requirements.  Threshold Environmental Services are respected within the industry and our list of clients includes schools, hospitals, churches, councils and residential customers. We’ll work with you to find a practical and cost effective solution to any asbestos-related issues. 

Asbestos Sampling Brisbane

Threshold Environmental Services are able to conduct asbestos audits in homes or workplaces to check for the presence of asbestos containing materials.  Our audits can also determine the exposure risk to building occupants, employees, external contractors and the general public. Asbestos sampling Brisbane can only be done by a qualified person and involves identifying and sampling suspect materials, recording the locations of each occurrence, assessing the condition of the affected materials and preparing a detailed asbestos register. 


All commercial buildings built before 1990 must be inspected for asbestos (Queensland Workplace Health and Safety legislation) and Threshold Environmental Services is able to conduct both non-destructive and destructive audits.  A non-destructive audit involves inspecting all visible and accessible areas within a property to identify materials suspected of containing asbestos. This method uses the inspector’s experience to determine a result. A destructive audit requires taking physical samples with a hammer and chisel (usually conducted before refurbishment or demolition work and after occupants have vacated a building and electricity has been turned off). 


Asbestos re-inspections must be carried out at least every five years (or earlier if the condition of the asbestos containing materials changes).  Threshold Environmental Services can conduct a visual assessment of the materials to determine whether they have deteriorated in any way. If this is the case, our staff can recommend remedial action such as encapsulation, isolation or removal of asbestos materials.asbestos inspection brisbane


If you have asbestos containing materials at your workplace, you’ll need to maintain an asbestos register.  This includes information on where asbestos may occur and on the condition of the materials. Your register must be kept on site and be made available to staff, visitors and contractors.  Following an audit or re-inspection, our staff can update or re-issue your register. Threshold Environmental Services can also help manage asbestos materials by creating an Asbestos Management Plan.  This will ensure control measures are in place to keep the asbestos undisturbed and in good condition and minimise the risk of exposure to staff, contractors and the public.


Threshold Environmental Services can also provide air monitoring services during the removal of asbestos.  Airborne asbestos fibre monitoring can manage potential exposure to asbestos and involves monitoring a site before asbestos is removed and during the removal project.  We also monitor the area after removal is complete to make sure airborne asbestos fibre concentrations are below regulatory limits and the area is safe to reoccupy.

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