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If a property has been exposed to the illegal drug crystal methamphetamine, residual contamination may be found at the home long after those responsible have moved out.  This can be dangerous for current and future tenants or homeowners, so if there are any concerns about a property, meth testing Brisbane should always be carried out. Threshold Environmental Services can conduct site investigations and sampling tests to determine if meth has been used or manufactured on a property and if those tests find unacceptable levels of contamination, we can recommend an appropriate course of action.

Threshold Environmental Services can provide site meth inspections in Brisbane and meth sampling for properties that may have been affected by methamphetamine manufacture or use.  We service Brisbane and surrounding areas and provide a high level of professional service. Our staff are highly trained and experienced and we use the latest scientific equipment and analytical techniques.  Our meth sampling process meets the current Australian and international standards and we only use laboratories accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) for our sample analysis. Threshold Environmental Services can arrange fast turn-around of results, a full scientific report and provide expert recommendations when required.  

A meth inspection Brisbane is often carried out after the discovery (or suspicion of) clandestine drug laboratories.  These are used to illegally manufacture drugs such as crystal methamphetamine and are found in rural, regional and metropolitan locations.  Due to the manufacturing conditions of these operations (including under or over-heating, ingredient mishandling, spillage and poor waste disposal practices), contamination often occurs as chemical residues come in contact with the surfaces in the home.  Inadequate storage and disposal of chemicals and waste mean there may also be residual contamination of the soil, water and air in the area surrounding a drug lab site.  

Contamination may be an issue even if there are no obvious signs of drugs – the residue is almost invisible.  Contamination can also occur if an inhabitant has smoked the drug (but not manufactured it). There will usually be traces of contamination if meth is smoked just once in property and higher levels of contamination will be present the more frequently it has occurred.  While surface sampling alone cannot determine whether a property has been contaminated by methamphetamine manufacture or use, it will provide information of meth inspection Brisbane on the extent of contamination and whether there is currently a risk to health and safety. The testing carried out by Threshold Environmental Services can determine if meth has been used or made on the property and whether there is a risk to people currently in the home.  Our scientific investigations involve a visual site assessment of all internal areas of a home and our technicians will also conduct surface swab sampling throughout the property. We provide those samples to a NATA accredited independent laboratory for analysis.  The results will determine whether the contamination (if any) exceeds current Australian guidelines. We provide a scientific report with our expert findings and provide professional recommendations for remediation.

Meth Cleaning Brisbane

Any crystal methamphetamine contamination must be assessed by a fully trained and qualified professional.  Contamination is a serious public health and safety risk so remedial action must be taken for any contamination above the current Australian guidelines.  Threshold Environmental Services can also provide advice on meth cleaning Brisbane. The process of meth cleaning Brisbane should only be carried out by experienced professionals and is not something you should try to do yourself.  For any methamphetamine inspection services, call Threshold Environmental Services to discuss your needs. Occupational Health and Safety     Photo by Science in HD on Unsplash

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