Silica Dust Testing Brisbane

The presence of silica dust can be extremely damaging to workers’ health. Exposure to respirable dust can have serious long term health effects, so it’s vital you monitor your workplace to make sure dust levels are within Australian standards. Threshold Environmental Services can provide a range of silica dust testing services to help you comply with regulations and ensure your staff are safe. If your workplace needs silica dust testing Brisbane, give our professional team a call.Airborne Contaminants

Silica (or crystalline silica) is a naturally occurring substance found in different types of rock, especially quartz. It’s used to make many common products like benchtops, tiles and bricks. When these products are being processed they are often cut, ground, drilled, crushed or polished. This can create silica dust which can be extremely harmful to your workers’ health. Threshold Environmental Services can help you monitor your workplace to check levels of exposure.

Because of the work they do, some industries are more prone to silica dust exposure. There are many workplaces that are at high risk, including those involved in making and installing stone benchtops, abrasive blasting, construction labouring, tunnelling and paving. Brick, concrete and masonry cutting and jack hammering workers can be affected, as can those in excavation, mining, earth moving, drilling, quarrying and mineral ore processing. Threshold Environmental Services work closely with these industries to Silica  monitor silica dust levels in the workplace.

When silica dust is airborne, the particles are tiny. They are so small they can’t be seen, but they can be breathed in – these are called respirable particles or respirable dust. When they’re inhaled, these small particles can get caught in the lungs and cause serious health issues. Workers can be left with irreversible lung damage, including silicosis. Silica dust inhalation can also lead to lung cancer, damaged kidneys, emphysema and bronchitis.



Silica Dust Monitoring Brisbane

Occupational SafetyAt Threshold Environmental Services, we can carry out silica dust monitoring Brisbane to make sure your workplace is within safe exposure limits. Our testing will look at the amount of silica dust occurring and the level of exposure your staff are facing. It’s important that their exposure to respirable dust is below Australian standards, so our investigations may involve individual worker monitoring to check silica dust exposure during a work shift or testing dust levels at specific locations in or near the workplace. We’ll provide a full report on our findings and work with you to develop a silica dust management plan to make sure exposure is kept as low as possible. We can provide advice on the best controls to put in place to keep your workers safe.

Threshold Environmental Services work with a range of industries to ensure they comply with Health and Safety legislation and provide a healthy workplace for their staff. We use the latest scientific techniques to carry out our testing and we only use laboratories accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities for our analysis. Our highly trained and qualified staff conduct their testing in accordance with national standards and will provide fast turn-around of results. We’ll provide a full report of our results and where necessary, we can offer professional feedback and recommendations.

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